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  • Christophe
    Earlier, I quit smoking by myself when I was young. It was very difficult for me, but in the end I lasted for 8 years. However, problems and stress caused me to smoke again. I am uncomfortable, but I cannot quit. The information about NicoZero caught my attention in time. I haven't smoked or even smoked in the past four months.
  • Catherine
    I used to like smoking, but over the years, I gradually realized that this bad habit is flawed. It is uncomfortable to set a bad example in front of children. But how to quit smoking? Before entering NicoZero, I tried everything. There is a big difference between this spray and other products. He did help me quit smoking, and I haven't smoked for six months.
  • Christian
    I smoked for a long time and I don't believe that I can quit smoking. Then he bought NicoZero to feed a friend who quit smoking. He actually insisted. As a result, he did not smoke for two months. I just threw away the rest of the extra bag. I started to feel the taste and smell sharper. Although I have no plans, I find that there are many benefits in a life without cigarettes.
  • Monique
    Once I met someone, I started a serious relationship. But he doesn't like me smoking. He himself is an athlete. I thought I would quit sooner or later, why not now? She resigned in less than a month. NicoZero spray helped me. During this period, I did not gain one kilogram of overweight, nor did I feel fear. We live together. happy.
  • Nathalie
    Unfortunately, it helped me and I quit smoking. I underwent surgery, and the doctor strictly forbids drinking and smoking. It is difficult for me, I am nervous. But my family supports me: they ordered NicoZero spray from me. With him, things really changed! The main thing is that I calmed down and stopped going crazy. Now I am completely healthy and do not smoke.
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